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Properties Data Type Accept Values Sample Input/Output Note
PackagingType String
  • 00 for Your Packaging (Default)
  • 01 for UPS Letter Envelope
  • 03 for UPS Tube
  • 21 for UPS Express Box
  • 24 for UPS Worldwide 25KG Box
  • 25 for UPS Worldwide 10KG Box
DestCity String Optional Los Angeles  
DestCountry String See country table US  
DestPostal String Required 10001  
ErrorMessage String (Read Only)   The maximum per package weight for the Ground Residential service is 150 pounds.  
HostIP String (Read Only)

You need this IP address to register SBShip. Do not register with a Dynamic IP address. Because RegKey is generated based on the IP address. Register the software ONLY with a static IP address.

OrigCountry String
  • US for United States (Default)
  • PR for Puerto Rico
OrigPostal String Required 90001  
RateChart String
  • Regular+Daily+Pickup
  • Customer+Counter
  • Letter+Center
  • On+Call+Air
  • One+Time+Pickup
Regular+Daily+Pickup Regular Daily Pickup rates are the lowest published rates, and apply to the majority of UPS shipments
RawData String (Read Only)   See foot note 1  
RegKey String Received from Addsoft after you register the software with your Static IP address 1234567890 If it is not a valid RegKey, ActiveX control will delay 5 seconds before sending data. 
ShipCharge String (Read Only)   See foot note 2  
ShipMethod String (Read Only)   See foot note 3  
ShipMethodCount Number-Integer (Read Only)    7  
ShipMethodLong String (Read Only)   See foot note 4  
Shipper String UPS UPS  
Weight Number-Double 1 to 150 (lbs) 5 Maximum single package weight: 150 pounds
Residential Boolean
  • True (Default)
  • False

Note 1:  


Content-type: text/htmlContent-length: 30<HTML><BODY></BODY></HTML>--UPSBOUNDARY

Content-type: application/x-ups-rssContent-length: 78

Content-type: application/x-ups-rssContent-length: 85

Content-type: application/x-ups-rssContent-length: 84

Content-type: application/x-ups-rssContent-length: 84

Content-type: application/x-ups-rssContent-length: 82

Content-type: application/x-ups-rssContent-length: 82

Note 2: 4.79;48.34;23.03;20.50;9.21;7.70;
Note 3: GND;1DM;1DA;1DP;2DA;3DS;
Note 4: Ground;Next Day Air Early A.M.;Next Day Air;Next Day Air Saver;2nd Day Air;3 Day Select;



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