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Tax File
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SBTax includes two tax files: USTax.txt (US state sales tax) and CATax (Canadian sales tax)

In USTax.txt:


  • CA: California
  • 0.06: California state sales tax
  • 0.0125: Local sales tax.

So total sales tax rate will be 7.25%.

Some counties have 8.25% sales tax rate and you need to adjust 0.0125 to 0.0225.

Tip: If you want to charge sales tax only in the state you are doing business, set all entries to 0 except your own state.

In CATax.txt:


  • ON: Ontario
  • 0.07: Ontario PST
  • 0.08: Ontario GST

So total sales tax rate will be 15%.

Note: SBTax can be used to calculate sales tax other than US and Canada. You can make your own tax file (i.e. If you want to set sales tax for United Kingdom, create a file called uktax.txt and set up entries like the sample US and Canada tax file).



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