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[Under Construction]

StoreBot 2007 is designed for both U.S. and International users. With StoreBot 2007, you can:

  • Automatic currency symbol conversion to £, ¥, HK$, Can$, Aust$ or any other symbols base on your system region setting
  • Change the weight measure to lb, oz, kg, g, ton or any weight measure.
  • 100% open source so that you can convert/translate to any language.

Here are some additional tips that may help you:

  • Choose a Web hosting provider in your own country. Accordingly, you eliminate the problem of different currency and date format. Since the Web server is running in your language on Windows server, your Web host server will automatically convert to your country's currency and date format.
  • Sales tax calculation varies from country to country; it even varies from state to state in the U.S. In order to make life easy, StoreBot calculates sales tax by multiplying taxable items by a flat tax rate. If you do not collect sales tax, set the tax rate to 0 in store setup. You can also set different tax rates for different regions.

If you have good ideas or would like StoreBot to include more International support, please email support@addsoft.net. We will consider your request and implement them in the future versions.



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