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Item Code: 1201 
Measure: Each 
Regular Price: $25.00 
Sale Price: $20.00 
Savings: $5.00 (20.00%) 
Availability: Yes

Much-hyped, effects-packed, lengthy period romance/adventure about mismatched couple falling in love aboard doomed oceanliner. Romance fans enjoy the sweet-natured love story; those seeking stunning visuals, epic atmosphere will be enthralled.

Los Angeles Times - 6
"Titanic" both awed and frustrated Kenneth Turan: the "stirring" effects mesmerized during the last hour, but he found the dialogue so awful he thought it bordered on "self-parody."

USA Today - 9
Despite some "tin-eared dialogue," Mike Clark was floored by every aspect of "Titanic." He found the leads -- especially Winslet -- "luminous," and was mesmerized by the finale's spectacular destruction.

Roger Ebert - 9
Roger Ebert loves "Titanic" and hails it as a "spellbinding" combination of a stirring romantic epic, a stunning special effects event picture, and a suspenseful disaster thriller.

New York Times - 10
Utterly enchanted by its stunning effects and sweeping scope, Janet Maslin compares "Titanic's" dramatic impact, lavish scale, and romantic power to that of "Gone With the Wind."
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