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8300 Series base system

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Hard Drive:
Second Hard Drive:
Floppy Drive and Additional Storage Devices:
CD or DVD Drive:
CD or DVD Burner for 2nd Bay:
Video Card:
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Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor from 2.60GHz to 3.20GHz supported by Intel® 875P chipset including on-die 512K L2 cache, 800MHz FSB and HyperThreading Technology for lightning-fast speed.

Memory: 256MB up to 2GB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM at 400MHz for ultimate performance. For easy memory expansion, install 128MB, 256MB or 512MB DDR SDRAM in pairs in the four accessible DIMM slots.

Storage: Ultra ATA/100 7200 RPM hard drives from 40GB to 200GB to meet your storage needs.

Drive Bay Options: Two 2.25-inch drive bays for your choices from the following drives: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and/or CD-RW Drive, CDRW/DVD Combination Drive and DVD+RW/+R (which adds the ability to write to DVD+R media). In addition, 3.5-inch bays accommodate an optional floppy drive and/or Zip® drive.

Video Graphics: Advanced 8X AGP ATITM RADEONTM 9800 Pro and RADEON 9800 graphic cards provide robust color and clarity for 3D graphics and intense games. The 4X AGP NVIDIATM GeForce4® MX with TV out is ideal for mainstream graphics and occasional gamers.

Dimension 8300 Ports: Eight USB 2.0 ports, two of which are easily front-accessible, offer instant flexibility and future expandability.

Modem: V.90 DataFax Modem supports up to 56Kbps2 download and 33.6Kbps upload which provides basic data and fax modem functions. Upgrade to V.92 Capable Telephony Modem which supports up to 56Kpbs download and 33.Kbps upload, which supports voice communication so you can take phone calls through your PC or use it as your phone and answering machine.

Connectivity: Built-in 10/100 Ethernet Networking makes the Dimension 8300 broadband-ready for high-speed internet access. The New Dell Gigabit3 Ethernet NIC (10/100/1000) card is available for additional connectivity options.

Monitors: Standard 17"(16.0 vis) CRT monitors upgradeable to large 21" (19.8" vis) CRT displays. Flat Panel Monitors that are 6.7" thin for super space saving are available in 15" (15" vis), 17" (17" vis) and 20" (20.1" vis) Flat Panel displays which provide vibrant visuals.

Sound: Integrated 5.1 Channel Capable Audio, Premium Sound Blaster® Live! 5.1 Cinema-quality audio or Sound Blaster Audigy 2 soundcards pair with Harman Kardon 395 entry level speakers with subwoofer for great sound. Upgrade your speakers for multimedia quality sound with ADA-745 speakers for 3D gamers and the occasional movie watching. THX® Certified ADA-995 speakers are five-piece set designed to deliver the home theater experience on your Dell computer.

Keyboard & Mouse: All Dimension desktops come standard with a color-coordinated Dell QuietKeyTM keyboard with adjustable typing angles, improved feel and PS2 compatible. The matching Dell PS/2 mouse provides a comfortable shape, which conforms to the palm, has 2-buttons, including the fast wheel scrolling which allows you to move through documents quickly. Upgrade your keyboard to Dell Enhanced Multimedia keyboard and Logitech Optical mouse that is shaped for left and right-handed users.



Choose up to 3 years of at-home service4 with limited warranty5 and lifetime online and phone support for the complete Dell reliability experience.



The Dimension 8300 comes pre-loaded with Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system, click here to learn more. Plus you can choose your productivity software - Microsoft Office® XP Professional or Small Business edition, click here to learn more.

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