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  StoreBot 2007 Other Shopping Cart System
StoreFront Demo Now  
Email Agent to customers and merchant Yes Few
MapQuest Integration for delivery driving directions Yes Few
Database engine MS Access OR SQL Server/MSDE Varies
Product search Yes Some
Real time online order tracking Yes Very Few
Real time payment gateway integration  PayPal with Instant payment Notification Some
Customize shipping based on total amount, weight or flat Yes Mostly flat shipping
Updateable region tax (US States/ Canadian Provinces/ Other Country Provinces) tax table plus local tax table) Yes No
Item Name, Code, Description and Image Yes Yes
Drop down Item Option (i.e. Size, Color and etc.) Unlimited options with option price Few
User Request for an Item (i.e. Cook Instruction for Pizza) Yes No
Item Measurement (i.e. Each, Dozen, lb. and etc.) Yes Few
Order Quantity Range Control and Unit Roundup Yes No
Show savings in dollar amount and percentage Yes Few
Built-in Credit Card Validation module Yes Few 
Customer database Yes Some
On-line printable Invoice/ Order Tracking System Yes No
Product Quick-Search from any Web site Yes Some
Product Quick-Launch and Quick-Add from any Web site Yes Some
Product Availability (In/Out of Stock) Yes Few
Customizable wording, font, table layout and etc. on your Web page Yes No
Full International Support for Currency, Weight Measure and convertible language. Yes No
Time adjustment from remote server to your local time. Yes No
Open Architecture for customization and add-ons through third party developer Yes No
Store Management    
Store Management Module Admin through any Web browser Basic Admin
Access Control List (limited function access based on access code) 4 levels Most 1 level
Customer IP lookup to prevent fraud transaction Yes Few
Ability to handle refund/credits Yes Few
Mouse-Clicking Order Processing Yes No
Custom Defined Shipping Method and Shipping Calculation Yes Few
Customizable Pay Method  for Visa, MC, AMEX and Discover Yes Some
4 digits verification for major credits Yes Some
Custom Defined Pay Method (Check, On Account, PayPal and etc) Yes Few
On-Line Order View/Process Yes Few
Category depth level Categories Items One or two levels
Store items limitation Unlimited Limited items
MS Office Integration Yes No
Inventory Control Yes Few
Audible and visual alert for order Notification. Great for real-time order processing. Yes No
Optional Sales Reports Module Web based real time sales report No
Web Site    
Open Source Yes. 100% Pure asp code No
SSL Encryption Support Yes Some
Compatible with Microsoft FrontPage Yes No
Online secure server independent. Pay no monthly fee to process your transactions. You can use your own SSL server. Yes No. Most require a monthly fee for their SSL
Runs on most Windows Servers from thousands of Web hosting providers without server-side setup, such as Readyhosting (fully tested, $99/Year, optional SQL server account @ $25/Year) Yes Most require costly server-side setup or expense dedicated Web server
Monthly fee with 200 items in Store and 200 transactions $0 for unlimited items & unlimited transactions $100 to $300/month for limited items & transactions
Yearly fee with 200 items in Store and 200 transactions $0 for unlimited items & unlimited transactions $1,000 to $3,000/year for limited items & transactions
Cost of software licensing per store $0 Cost from $200 up to $500,000


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